Senior Corps


Our Senior Corps competes across the UK and Europe on the Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) and Drum Corps Europe (DCE) circuits. Since 2007 the Corps has been recognised as one of the most successful marching ensembles in the UK, being crowned British Champions six times and European Champions twice.

In 2010 the corps travelled to New York for the first time to perform on the world stage at the Drum Corps Associates World Championships, this was part of our centenary year celebrations. After finishing in sixth place and receiving an outstanding welcome and reception from the American audiences, the corps returned again in 2012, 2015 & 2017.

Based on a traditional American style marching band, the Corps is made up of four sections, the marching brass, marching percussion, front line percussion and the colourguard, who complement the music with dance. The member’s co-ordinate music and movement (drill) in a themed show under the instruction of a highly skilled team of musical and creative experts. Each year the band co-ordinate a new show which takes about eight months to learn and perfect.

Over the years the Corps has had the opportunity to work with some fantastically skilled instructional staff from the UK, Europe and America as well as boasting many talented in house staff. The Corps have developed a recognisable style over the years, of loud, in your face, fast paced Drum Corps that continues to put audiences on their feet around the world.


Corps Director - Rob Swindells
Group President - John Swindells
Corps Manager - Darren Truby

Music Co-Ordinator & Brass Arranger - John Meehan
Battery Arranger - Scott Johnson
Front Ensemble Arranger - Sean Gordon
Visual Design - Rob Swindells
Visual Design - Brandon Wickham

Brass Caption Head - Craig Walker
Assistant Brass Caption Head - Frank Wade
Musical Director - Paul Tucker
Technician - Pete Donaldson

Percussion Caption Head - Dr David Heesom
Front Ensemble Caption Head - Dave Lancaster
Battery Arranger - Scott Johnson
Front Ensemble Arranger - Sean Gordon
Percussion Consultant - Jared Andrews
Percussion Consultant - Teddy Mascari
Technician - Tim Dahl
Technician - Alex Willis
Technician - Dan Gray

More to be announced soon.

Colour Guard Caption Head - Bradley Stinton
Consultant - T.J. Doucette

Visual Caption Head & Designer - Rob Swindells
Designer & Consultant - Brandon Wickham
Technician - Sam Catcliffe
Technician - Chris Bradbury
Technician - Danny Goodier