Pre 1970s
Pre 1970s


Our group is established.


We won one of our first band contests in Rhyl.


A fired ripped through the Headquarters, destroying the building and all the equipment. Fortunately, the North Staff Boys Brigade came to the rescue with drums and bugles for the band to borrow.


John Swindells paraded with the Madison Scouts at their State Fair.


Regular rehearsals begin with a band of 18, made up of 12 trumpets, 5 snare drummers and 1 bass drummer.


We took part in our first Scout Nationals competition where we finished in 13th place.


We came 2nd in Novice Class.


We were recognised amongst the best Scout and Guide bands in the UK alongside 13th Coventry, 1st Atherstone and 31st Warrington.


We were crowned National Scout and Guide Band Champions. From 1968 to 1976 the band travelled across the country, taking part in competition. We had the largest membership since we started with 24 members!


We continued as a traditional marching band. This year we bought three brand new G bugles.


We competed in Scout National Championships at Chelsea Football Club; a highlight of the season for the members. Here, we won the award for best Drum Major.


Many of the youngsters who had grown up with the band headed off to university, but the band continued with the younger members.


The whole brass line received new G bugles and we entered Novice Class in the British Youth Band Association (BYBA) competitions.


This year saw the band exhibit their first full show with music from Star Wars and Jesus Christ Superstar. The band played at The Royal Albert Hall and were promoted to Contest Class.


This was the first year the corps had a full show concept; Jesus Christ Superstar. We continued in Contest Class and again performed at The Royal Albert Hall.


We saw an influx of members and continued in Contest Class.


This year we changed our name from Kidsgrove Scout and Guide Band to the Kidsgrove Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps and introduced a colour guard and front line section. This was the first year the whole Corps has the same uniform and we swapped the traditional drum major for a field commander. This year we were promoted to Championship Class.


We performed at The Royal Albert Hall once again and continued in Championship Class.


This was the first year we competed on the Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) circuit in A Class. We won three shows that season but finished in fifth place at A Class Finals. In the BYBA competitions we were promoted to Premier Class.


We had a completely new show this year and a full Colourguard show too. We swapped our traditional Beret for a Shako which would remain for the next 13 years.


Continuing in DCUK and BYBA, this year saw the introduction on Rob Swindells as Visual Caption Head. Rob wrote the drill for the Corps for the first time.


Another uniform change for an ever expanding Corps. Now we had 50 members!


In this year we struggled to get a show ready for the first competition and it showed. We scored the lowest ever score recorded in DCUK history; 13.8.


Another year and another new uniform! We also did significantly better than the previous year finishing 14th in Open Class at the DCUK Championships.


Weekend long camps were introduced in 1995, the first being at Kibblestone Scout Camp. Our Colourguard formed links with Liberty Winterguard and performed with them during the winter season.


Our highest score to date! We scored a 67.6 at the DCUK Championships.


Following on from the success in 1996 we increased in size in 1997 and we were awarded a Sports and Art Foundation Grant for £15,000 which was spent on new instruments. A brand new uniform was also purchased. We achieved an even higher score this year!


This is the year we started to develop and embrace our recognisable Kidsgrove style that people know and love today. Young member who joined would create the backbone of the Corps for the coming years. We competed at the World Show Band Competition in London and finished seventh at the DCUK Finals.


Although we fielded a small Corps this year, the design and musical team that were in place created a show that will be remembered by members and fans for years to come. The same team would continue to work together for a number of years to come.


For the first time in our history we placed first at a DCUK competition in Scunthorpe. We celebrated our 90 th Anniversary with a series of parades and performances. We also introduced our own Winterguard unit who placed fourth at the Winterguard United Kingdom (WGUK) Championships.


With the appointment of a new Treasurer, the Corps, financially was is great shape. We were crowned Scout National Champions, a title still held by us to this day. We also performed at the premiere of the first American Pie movie in London.


“The Peoples’ Champion” was a title given to the Corps in a Championship report. Although one person wrote this comment, many believed it to true. 2002 saw the standard of all sections improve drastically to a level that would establish us as one of the top units in Europe.


Due to a membership issues with DCUK, we decided not to compete in the DCUK circuit for the 2003 season. The organisation’s long and proud history would be tested to the full, but the ethos and values that every one of the members, staff, friends and supporters had made the Corps stronger than ever. We competed on the BYBA circuit throughout the year but the highlight came when we competed at the first ever Drum Corps Europe (DCE) Championships in The Hague, Holland. It was a wonderful event and we were welcomed with open arms by the European Drum Corps community. After two amazing performances, we finished in second place by just two tenths!


Our show Pirates of the Caribbean captivated audiences wherever it was performed. We competed on the DCUK circuit throughout the year and DCE in September again, placing 3rd at Championships in both events. We also competed and performed in Bournemouth at the World Show Band Championships. Corps Director, John Swindells awarded the DCUK Fellowship at the Championship Finals for his contribution to the activity.


The visit of the 10 time DCI World Championships, The Blue Devils was a special event and we had a great time performing alongside them in our first visit to Mainland Europe in June. We also made many wonderful new friends when we stayed with Jubal Drum and Bugle Corps for the DCE Championships in September. Here we were placed a surprising fourth in at Finals after being placed second at Prelims. At the DCUK Finals the we produced two fantastic performances and finished second with our highest score to date 93.8 (just 0.6 behind the first place Corps). We also won our first caption awards in DCUK placing first in both the Colourguard and Percussion captions. We also celebrated our 95th Anniversary with a series of parades and performances.


After the success of 2005 we suffered a huge decrease in membership because if a number of age-outs. However in planning for the future we changed to B flat and F pitched horns. After a very hard first half of the season, we really pulled together for the second half and produced a fantastic performance at DCUK Finals which earned us second place, along with our first High Brass award.


We became an open age Corps and started our first Junior Corps. This saw a huge influx of members, old and new! It was important for our rehearsal schedule to fit around family commitments, something we pride ourselves on today, to give many people the opportunity to continue marching. Although a difficult season to begin with, the hard work from the staff and member paid off and we were crowned DCUK Champions for the first time, a title we had been chasing for many years. We also gained High Guard, High Visual and High General Effect. In Europe we finished in fifth place and continued to establish ourselves on the circuit there, creating many long lasting friendships along the way.


With smaller numbers than the previous year the Senior Corps performed their show Cirque d’llusion with music taken from Cirque du Soleil. We finished in second place at the DCUK Championships and fifth at DCE.


Some say one of our most iconic and memorable shows – The Heart. As always, we wanted to embrace our tradition and values, but also develop our presence, design and performance skills and take them to new levels. In 2009 our Winterguard also performed their show, Inches, which depicted the principles of what it meant to be part of the Kidsgrove Scouts team. The Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors produced a wonderful show that developed and matured throughout the year. The unit really achieved way beyond the goals that were set for them this year and really have now matured as a unit with their own identity within the organisation.

The Senior Corps had a wonderful year where design and performance were taken to levels that made us all very proud. We progressed wonderfully well throughout the year with a presence and attitude that set new levels for the Corps as we looked forward.



This season saw the organisation celebrate its 100 year anniversary. The two Winterguard units were the first to represent the organisation with their shows. As part of the celebrations the Junior and Senior Corps took part in events, parades, open days, celebration evenings and one off performances as well as performing their 2010 productions on the usual Drum Corps circuits.

As part of this special year, the Senior Corps travelled to Rochester in New York, in August, to compete in the 2010 Drum Corps Associates (DCA) World Championships. This once in a life time opportunity saw many old and new faces joining, as we embarked we this very special trip. The trip was such a memorable experience for all those involved and provided a life time of memories and friendships. The reception that the Corps received was excellent and meant a lot to the members. The corps finished in sixth place out of eleven and were crowned International World Champions. On their return to the UK the Senior Corps competed in the DCUK Championships where we were crowned Champions. The Junior Corps were also crowned UK Champions. The following week, the Senior Corps travelled to Kerkrade in Holland, where we competed in the DCE Championships where we were crowned European Champions for the first time.


The 2011 season again began with the Junior and Senior Winterguard units competing on the WGUK circuit. Both groups competed in the UK Championships achieving the best results in Winterguard that Kidsgrove Scouts have ever achieved before. The summer season saw the Junior Corps perform their show, Crest of a Wave. The Junior Corps stole the season and for the second year in a row were crowned the DCUK Junior Champions and BYBA Champions.

It was to be a clean sweep for the Scouts in 2011 as the Senior Corps, performing their show The Summit, were crowned the DCUK Champions. The following week the Senior Corps travelled to Kerkrade in the Netherlands for the DCE Championships where we finished in second place.


The 2012 season kicked off with another very successful season for the Junior Winterguard Unit. Performing their show Like a Diamond, the girls achieved a silver medal at the WGUK Championships in March. This was the highest position the girls have achieved since we began competing in the Championships.

For the second time in three years Kidsgrove’s Senior Corps travelled to the USA to compete in the DCA World Championships in Annapolis Maryland. The reception that we received was excellent again and meant a lot to the members. We finished in seventh place out of eleven.

In September the Senior Corps were, for the fourth year in a row, crowned DCUK Champions and finished in second place at the DCE Championships in Kerkrade in the Netherlands.

For the first time, the Junior Corps travelled with the Senior Corps to compete in the DCE Championships where we finished in sixth position. For the third year in a row the Juniors were crowned DCUK Champions.


After a number of years in Junior Class, the Junior Winterguard were promoted to A Class this year with their show Downton Abbey. During the summer season the Junior Corps, once again were crowned DCUK Champions with their show An American Tale, and travelled to Europe again. The Senior Corps performed their show Mind Games and came second at the DCUK Championships and dropped to fourth at the DCE Championships because of penalty points incurred. The Colourguard took the High Auxiliary award.


After a number of years competing in WGUK, the Senior Winterguard were crowned WGUK Champions with their show Titanium. The A Class unit continued and finished in fourth place.

In the summer the time had come for the Junior members to merge with the Senior Corps. After many successful years in Junior Class, the members had developed the skills and confidence to take on a new challenge. The show, Miss Saigon would develop as another of Kidsgrove’s most iconic performances. We were crowned DCUK Champions for the sixth time and came second at the DCE Championships.


With the Senior Winterguard performing Black Swan and A Class, A Frozen Winter, during the winter months, we had a new addition to our units; Kidsgrove Scouts Cadets. With their show Despicable Me, we finished in tenth place. Developing the Cadet Guard would ensure the organisation continue to develop the skills of young members and build foundations for the future.

This year’s summer season saw another trip to perform at the DCA Championships in Rochester, New York, and a chance for the younger member to experience Drum Corps on a much larger scale. With the strongest show Kidsgrove have ever performed which went onto win the corp’s second DCE European Championship title.


This winter season we took the decision to make our A Class Winter Guard inactive with the members being moved up to the Senior Winter Guard who performed their show entitled Elastic Heart which lead on to our second WGUK British Championship title! After a successful first year for our Cadet Winter Guard they were back out in action to perform their show A Spoon Full of Sugar which placed 9th at the British Championships.

2016 would also see the establishment of our endorsement with System Blue which included a brand new set of their Professional Series brass instruments which our horn line got their hands on for the first time during the winter rehearsals. This endorsement also provided us with the opportunity to work with some world class staff including John Meehan, Brandon Wickham and Brian Dinkel to name a few. The corps performed their production entitled Symmetricity which placed second both in the DCUK British Championships and at the DCE European Championship. The hornline also went on to win the DCE High Field Wind (High Brass) caption for the second year running.